(Samuel was the son of Charles Herrman Leifeste)

Samuel Daniel Leifeste, b. 4/15/1890; d. 11/25/1976; married 7/19/1923 to
   Alma Henrietta Giese, b. 10/21/1903; d. 11/26/1985. Four children:

     Gladys Marie Leifeste, b. 9/14/1924; d. 3/25/1975; married to
       George Emil Boening, b. 7/4/1918; d. 7/24/1986. Four children:

         George Allen Boening, b. 2/24/1944; d. 11/11/1957.

         Dianna Faye Boening, b. 4/15/1947; d. 4/16/1947.

         Teresa Gayle Boening, b. 5/24/1956.

         Sherri Elizabeth Boening, b. 5/24/1960; married to
           Bret Smith, [divorced]. One child:

             Amy Marie Smith, b. 5/29/1986

           Second marriage to Terry Routh.

     Clarence Calvin Leifeste, b. 9/16/1926; married to
       Mazie Lee Hatfield Lueders, b. 3/21/1922. Four children:

         Judith Lynn Lueders Jones, b. 3/10/1944; married to
           Robert Charles Jones, b. 12/30/1943. Four children:

             Barbara Ann Jones, b. 12/8/1959; married to
               James John Dibala, b. 12/11/1947. Two children:

                 Brian Jason Dibala, b. 9/8/1982.

                 Eric John Dibala, b. 1/19/1986.

             Katherine Marie Jones, b. 11/4/1960; married to
               Roger Dale Coffey, b. 7/26/1945.

             Mary Ann Jones, b. 10/19/1962; married to
               David Paul VanScoy. Two children:

                 Julie Marie VanScoy, b. 1/2/1989.

                 Elaine Faith VanScoy, b. 6/21/1982; married to
                   Kenneth Wayne Whitcher. One child:

                     Ethan Riley Redman, b. 1/3/2002.

             Gregory Scott Jones, b. 11/11/1968; married to
               Amelia Ann Emery, b. 10/11/1972. Two children:

                 Courtney Ann Jones, b. 4/3/1997.

                 Michael Charles Jones, b. 9/18/1999.

         Michael Wayne Leifeste, b. 7/10/1947; d. 6/10/1967.

         Douglas Lyle Leifeste, b. 9/25/1948; married to
           Debra Jane Mays, b. 1/7/1952. Two children:

             Michael Douglas Leifeste, b. 12/22/1970.

             Clint Colby Leifeste, b. 10/18/1973.

         Deborah Sue Leifeste, b. 3/27/1951; married to
           Dale A. Carter, b. 5/1/1951. Five children:

             Shane Alexander Carter, b. 2/2/1972.

             Joseph Michael Carter, b. 10/21/1973.

             Johnathan Allen Carter, b. 1/20/1976.

             Adam Raymond Carter, b. 3/26/1980.

             Clayton Anthony Carter, b. 2/18/1981.

     Doris Mae Leifeste, b. 5/30/1930; d. 12/20/1988; married to
       Ralph I. Clark, b. 10/17/1915, d. 7/13/2001. Two children:

         Dianna Fay Clark, b. 9/3/1950. Married to
           Earl Potter, b. 1/26/1948. Two children:

             Bryan Keith Moss, b. 10/23/1972; married to
               Stacey North, b. 11/03/1972. One child:

                 Olivia C. Moss, b. 8/23/2003.

             Ashley Diane Moss, b. 9/19/1976 ; married to
               Michael Crowl, b. 3/1/1970. One child:

                 Aspen S. Crowl, b. 2/11/2003.

         Ralph Daniel Clark, b. 1/26/1954 ; married to
           Alice Ann Dunagan , b. 2/21/1958. Two children:

             Christopher Daniel Clark, b. 5/10/1982.

             Lindsey Ann Clark, b. 1/1/1984.

     Lewis Charles Leifeste, b. 1/27/1935 ; married to
       Betty Wayne Oliphint, b. 4/5/1935. Three children:

         Charles Daniel Leifeste, b. 4/19/1957 ; married to
           Stacie Lynn Tabor, b. 12/26/1963. Two children:

             Zachary Tyler Leifeste, b. 4/13/1991.

             Joshua Daniel Leifeste, b. 10/20/1995.

         James Forrest Leifeste, b. 11/17/1959; married to
           Sharon Mckinney, b. 10/31/1953. One child:

             Holly Lynn Leifeste, b. 6/25/1988.

         Sandra Jean Leifeste, b. 10/6/1961. Two children:

             Jacob L. Moore, b. 9/19/1997.

             Will L. Moore, b. 12/30/1999.